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4 Hudson Square

Lot Size: 86,025 SF

An entire block located in the middle of Hudson Square is an assemblage of five tax parcels and provides a unique development opportunity. The site is currently improved with several mixed-use buildings and contains a total of 86,025 square feet zoned for the Special Hudson Square Zoning District. The zoning permits residential development with ground level retail at a maximum residential floor area ratio (FAR) of 9.0 times the lot size. This base FAR will be bonusable to 12.0 times the lot size with inclusionary housing. 304 Hudson Street, an existing office building must remain commercial space, but can be increased in size to reach 9.0 FAR from an existing 6 FAR.

Hudson Square Rezoning
Final Environmental Impact Statement www.nyc.gov/hudsonsq

Hudson Square Rezoning Summary www.nyc.gov/summary

DISCLAIMER: The buildings highlighted above reflect maximum approved density and are for illustative purposes only.